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The next deposit is due ONE MONTH from today.

[That'd be August 1st for the calendar impaired]

By that time, I need to have at least $200 per person from each of you to hold your space on the GothCruise. If you are paying by money order, that bad boy should be in the mail soon. If you are paying by credit card, please either Email or call your payment in to me. If I don't answer the phone, leave a message.

My phone was apparently having issues last week, but it seems to be fixed now. If you left me a message and I haven't called you back, try again. Technology is not my friend lately.

I will be away from the office this weekend. I will not be taking business calls after 3pm today and until July 5th. However, please feel free to leave a message or contact me by Email. I will return messages and calls when I return to Tampa. If you happen to be in NYC, feel free to drop by Brick Lane Curry House at 8pm Saturday. I will endeavor to be sober enough to take payments. At least until 8:30 or so. After that, no promises.

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